Something new!

We're pleased to announce a fun new option for super convenient local dining:
The Chez HotDish CSA!


Once a week get a yummy, ready-to-reheat casserole for four or six, all made with local wholesome ingredients, prepared from scratch. Available in your choice of vegetarian, vegan or carnivorous form. 

Each casserole comes with either bread or dessert (your choice).  So that you can really relax and kick back for a night. Convenient drop spots for pick-up and (somewhat limited) delivery are all available.

You deserve a break. So call us today to get started!

Casserole-for-four subscription is $24/week plus tax*
Casserole-for-six is $30/week plus tax*

(See below for information about our regular, basic, CSA baskets, and email us to learn more about  our two-basket trial offer, about jumping in for the end of our winter season, and about our new, super flexible spring and summer options:

Bon appetit!
Bonni Miller

Chef/owner, Chez Marche FoodWorks

*Initial, nonrefundable, deposit is required but is deducted from the total cost. 


This season's Chez Marche Farm to Fork CSA is already underway! We've (almost) always got room for a few more subscribers, though, so if you're interested in getting delicious, convenient, healthy local food, delivered to your door (or at least nearby), send us an email today (, and try what Wisconsin food author Terese Allen has called "The most innovative thing happening in the local food movement in Wisconsin." Try our prepared food CSA: All the benefits of local food with hardly any of the work!

The basic basket includes:
One three-course meal
One full serving of made-from-scratch pasta with sauce
One pint of soup
One additional vegetable side
One dessert, one loaf of bread, and 
one "cracker jack prize:" it's cook's choice of an additional item. Could be anything! Recent prizes have ranged from a seasonal salad to a halloween mask made by a local artist! (To see this year's menus, visit our FB page.)

We're open to any variation on the basic basket that you might like to make... add another three-course meal, get double desserts, skip the pasta, make it vegetarian, whatever you want -- we can probably* do it.

And, as always, all foods are fully cooked and ready to reheat, and as many of our ingredients are locally sourced and produced as is possible. Each week you'll get a list of what's in the basket, along with which local farmer or producer the ingredients came from.

The Farm to Fork CSA season runs roughly parallel to the school year (end of August to the end of May).

Call today!

*We regret that we are not able to accommodate any dangerous, or potentially dangerous, allergy situations. It's impossible for us to guarantee that the kitchen is free of any potential allergens. But if it's something as simple as avoiding pork, or salt, or soy, or dairy, etc. -- because we work with pure ingredients and make everything from scratch ourselves, we can do that.

Baskets are $30 a week. A deposit is required. (Deposits will be applied to the balance and lower your weekly cost.)  Call or email us for details, today! 

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