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Top: The rare, coveted and elusive pie at the Chez.
Bottom: Fermenting sourdough levains for the Chez breads.

Welcome to the website of the Chez Marche Cafe. At the Chez we specialize in preparing traditional foods of the world, from scratch, using in-season produce from local farmers and gardeners and from our own gardens.

We've also got a pretty mean burger.

Our menu changes regularly, to reflect what's fresh, but you can always count on getting a great soup, salad or sandwich for lunch, and delicious dinners. Check back here for our daily specials or give us a call (715.281.7431) to find out what's on the menu today.

We make every effort to keep the website current, but occasionally there's the last minute need to change the meal to maintain the quality that we're committed to. Please call to verify if you've got your heart set on a certain meal.

Menu items may vary somewhat from weekdays to weekend (when breakfast is a bigger deal), but you get the general idea.

Breakfast Food (available all day)
Smoothie Du Jour: Seasonal or frozen fruit blended with banana and orange 4.5
Buttermilk Oatmeal pancakes with maple syrup and butter. 3.5 for the first one, $2 for each additional one, add fruit to the stack for 2
Huevos Rancheros:   Eggs, on top of toasted corn tortillas, with saucy beans, fried potatoes and cheese. Optional sour cream and salsa. Served with extra tortillas.   10   add barely sauteed spinach and garlic for 4
Fry Bread Huevos Rancheros Eggs atop our great homemade fried bread, with beans, homemade salsa and cheese (choice of cheddar, pepperjack or feta). $12
Cheese Omelet     See “customize your order” on other side for additions.  Comes with toast.  7   

Breakfast Fundamentals :
One Organic egg 1.5 Two Eggs 2.5  
Fried Organic Potatoes 3 side / 6 large order
Side of bacon 3.75  Toast 1   Bacon and egg sandwich 7  Egg Sandwich 5
Thick cut bacon, two eggs, toast, and a side order of fried potatoes.  9.5
Mini Breakfast: Two slices bacon, one egg, one piece toast, and a mini order of fried potatoes 6
French Toast and Bacon 9.5  

Lunch Food:

Buttered Noodles  With garlic, parmesan, bread and butter  8

Soups and salads
Soup du Jour  5 bowl,  3 cup

Simple Green Salad Tomatoes, onions, and fresh mixed greens. 5


Sandwiches come with choice of fried potatoes or simple salad
Egg Salad sandwich 6         

Grilled Cheddar with Tomatoes and onions  8
Grilled Cheddar Cheese 6

BLT 9   

Burgers All burgers are a quarter pound of locally grown pastured beef from Dry Barn Meats. Served with fried local potatoes or a small salad. Sub a veggie burger in for no extra charge. We make our own soy-free veggie burgers.
    Blue BBQ Burger With spicy bbq sauce, pepperjack cheese, fried onions and blue cheese dressing  8.5       
    Ploughman Burger With cheddar and sweet pickles  7
    Popper Burger With pepperjack cheese, salami, hot peppers, brown mustard and greens  8.5
    Chez Supreme Burger With cheddar, tomatoes, a fried egg, bacon, garlic mayo.  14
    Bar Burger With cheddar, fried onions and pepperoncini  8
    Berkeley Burger With tomato, onions, greens, raw mushrooms and garlic mayonnaise.  9
    Conflicted Hippie With cheddar, tomato, house dressing, & onions. 8.5
    Burger  straight up.  6
Customize your order
Add fried onions, or pepperoncini or garlic mayonnaise to anything for 50 cents     Add cheddar cheese, or tomatoes, or salami to anything for 1      Add a fried egg for 1.5   Add mushrooms, or bacon, or swiss cheese or feta for 2 

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